The Benefits of Using CONTUO TV Lift

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TV lifts are designed to securely and silently lift and lower a television screen out of a cabinet or wall unit. Popular in contemporary homes as well as modern workplaces, Electric Lifting Column can be

TV lifts are designed to securely and silently lift and lower a television screen out of a cabinet or wall unit. Popular in contemporary homes as well as modern workplaces, Electric Lifting Column can be used to conserve space by concealing the television in cabinets or walls, using the device to lift the screens out or put them away ergonomically without any physical effort.

Now that you’re familiar with the various LoctekMotion TV lifts, exploring the benefits offered by different configurations might help you pinpoint the best option for your lifestyle and use environment:


The generally accepted guidelines for TV height say that the halfway point of the screen’s vertical measurement should be even with the eye level of the person watching. (And to find the exact midpoint of the screen for even more precise placement? Look for where the imaginary diagonal lines, going from corner to corner, intersect in the middle.) As with any screen, a TV that’s not positioned at an ergonomically correct height can cause neck pain and other residual problems – especially if it’s too high.

But with a motorized TV lift, the screen position can be changed to suit any posture, including standing, sitting or lying down. Whatever the bed height or seat height (whether stools, sofas or office chairs), with a motorized TV lift, the media screen can be adjusted to the proper height with the touch of a button. People of varying heights and people with different preferred seating positions can adjust the screen to the optimal position.

Keep your kids safe

Kids are mischievous; they manage to find their play toys in almost any household gadget. The biggest and bulkiest thing which can often become their play toy is a TV.

If you too have kids in the house and are worried about them spending too much time watching TV or playing with the TV, then a tv cabinet lift can do wonders for you.

Protection From Damage

Flat screen TVs are expensive, and no one wants to pay to replace them unexpectedly. Using the cart solution, the screen can be moved to another room while not in use, away from crowds. With the cabinet lift system, the TV can be better protected from accidental damage by storing while not in use. (A bonus? Less dusting!)

Improve the aesthetics of your home

A TV lift mechanism can be used to conceal all the loose ends of an entertainment system including cable TV boxes, DVD players, cords, cables and power boards, which can be unsightly in a living room.


Our motorized lifts are compatible with a wide range of screen sizes, so if consumers decide to upgrade to a larger TV, there’s a good chance they can keep using their existing lift. Just calculate the new ergonomic position based on screen size and adjust; no need to drill new holes in the wall or get a larger console table. Save money – and keep furniture out of the landfill – by reusing their existing lift.


In professional use of a motorized TV lift, allowing presenters such as college professors to lower the touchscreen for writing or other emphasis – and then lift it up for a clearer view by the class – allows greater interactivity than a traditional, stationary screen.

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