Supermarket camera to guess the age of the alcohol buyer

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Major supermarket chains have begun testing an automated age-verification system

Supermarket cameras to guess age of alcohol buyers - BBC News


The trial version uses a camera that can assess the age of each customer.It's part of Home Office's technology testing to help sell alcohol.Asda, Co-op and Morrisons are installing the system in some stores. The same technology is already being used in Aldi's payment-free shop in London.

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If the customer agrees The camera guesses their age using an algorithm trained on a database of anonymous faces.If they are judged to be under 25, they must present their identity card to the authorities.

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Waiting for age approval at self-checkouts can sometimes be frustrating for shoppers,” said Robin Tombs, chief executive of Yoti, a technology supply company.age verification solutions help retailers like Asda comply with regulatory requirements around the world. and keep up with consumer demand for fast and convenient service while preserving people's privacy.