Customer Engagement – The One Metric That Matters

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Dynamics 365 is a CRM software that helps build long-lasting relationships with customers.

For any digital business trying to make it big in the competitive business world, it is an important focus on customer engagement. With proper customer engagement, the business will be able to measure and track the number of engagements that customers have with them. This is where Dynamics 365 customer engagement software can help the companies out. Dynamics 365 is a CRM software that helps build long-lasting relationships with customers. Hence, it is an essential tool for customer engagement. Here, you will see how customer engagement benefits companies. Also, in this blog, you will learn about focusing on customer engagement in the best way. Tracking KPIs and putting the main focus on customer engagement can take your company a long way.

Customer Engagement: An Introduction

Can you tell us what makes a company great in the competitive world? It would have to be the attention that it gets from the users and customers. A good company will always spend its time and effort knowing how its customers are interacting with the business. Most digital businesses these days are obsessed with site traffic, conversion rates, and order value on average. Converting a lead into a customer is the best way to grow. What exactly happens when a lead is converted into a customer? If you can answer this correctly, you will get some help with customer retention in the best way. Treating the customer as the only ones for the company is the best way to engage them in the products and services.

When your company has good customers, the cash will keep flowing in. But how can you know for sure that your customers are loyal to you? This question can be answered properly if you know about customer engagement.

Have Your Customers Supported You On Social Media?

Customers that are highly engaged with any brand will follow the business on social media. Apart from that, they will also have frequent interactions with the posts that the company makes as well. One of the prime examples of such an interaction is Sephora, the beauty brand. Having a great presence on social media has enabled the brand to retain and delight existing customers. This is because the company has a proper and clever game that uses social media to effectively promote the products and secrets of beauty. This way, people are more inspired to join the company as customers.

So, social media interaction is a sure-shot method for engaging your customers. First, you need to post some content that will be of interest to the people, and hence you can generate more leads through it. Then, try to remain active on social media and analyze the different parameters such as shares, likes, comments, and much more to see how your audience interacts with your brand.


With customer engagement, you can ascertain benefits and profitability for your business. Take proper measures with Dynamics 365 to ensure that your customers are always engaging with your brand. 

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