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Much like dance, fashion is both a reflection of, and an escape from, reality. We see a lot of jewellery designers experimenting with silver for new techniques and designs-often resulting in more elaborate, chunky, sculptural and playful statement pieces. Often, the two work hand-in-hand, as stars are the first to get their hands on new designer pieces. It was just about incorporating his universe, his aesthetic, his visuals, Muaddi picks up. Evidently, the pair was ahead of the curve. Bea herself is also an avid wearer of her own designs It's my job to have nice hands, she laughs.

But it hasn't just been their ensembles that shine with the splendour of Giorgio Armani-their faces, too, have taken centre stage with glowing complexions and power pouts, YSL Sneakers what with the brand's foray into make-up in 2000 with Armani beauty. Though ideas have been flowing between the two since they met, the strange year that is 2020 helped push their musings into reality. This cult sneaker brand has a loyal following for a reason. In that sense, the brands are very similar, but Feist Heist was considered fast fashion .

Bold tints also found their way into hair, with an array of fluorescent-bright fantasy dye Saint Laurent Shoes jobs that were an accessory all their own. I've always been a fan of Riccardo and his vision, way before we worked together at Burberry. For Stewart, the couture reflected Diana's privileged yet unhappy existence. For those who can't get enough of the Cannage motif, you're in for a treat. The world is so immediate and when you work at such a pace, you feel like you have to keep up with everything. We have seen industries such as hospitality or transport that have enabled monetisation through multiple uses of one product and that have maximised the use of resources through valuable data.

To go with her Micro Lady Dior in Black Cannage Lambskin, Suzy opted for Dior's Toile de Jouy sneakers. Eliana Kuo EK and Lorenzo Albrighi LA The key to enabling circular fashion is digitisation. The biggest takeaway from Milan Fashion Week spring summer 2022 is that, after almost YSL Shoes two years in and out of lockdown, people are really in the mood to party when it comes to beauty. We're emphasising that straightness that Donatella loves with some extensions to really sort of exaggerate the girls, explained Palau, who pulled Lipa's extended pin-straight lengths into a taut, half-up style.