Top Upcoming Changes that Android 12 Update Brings in UI Industry

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Android 12 is Google's most expensive operating system, with personalization, increased privacy, security, location, and other enticing features that revolutionize the user experience services. It is currently only accessible for Google's Pixel devices. It has improved the usab

There are over 100 new user-centric features and usability improvements. The entire user interface (UI) of Android 12 has been improved with a more pleasant, dynamic, and personal operating system. The list of notable features can be found here.


  1. New and Always on Display Lock Screen


The lock screen will appear first after you have completed the installation of Android 12 on your Pixel device. The screen's design and layout have been altered by Google. From your always-on-display lock screen, it displays the time, date, weather, camera, smart home controls, conversations, and other pertinent information. This screen's focal point is the clock. It's bigger and bolder, with a small difference in the display's motion effect. 


The animations on this screen are triggered by certain motions including lifting the phone, touching it, charging it, or pressing the power button. When you swipe to unlock your phone, you'll notice a new look for pin code keys: circular and large buttons with pastel colors that match your system theme. In summary, Android 12 has made significant modifications to the lock screen UI. You can opt for the UX UI design services to get the new Android version compatible mobile apps


  1. Completely Revamped Notification Panel


Enjoy the new notification panel design, which features an opaque background that complements the system theme. This area has been overhauled in Android 12 with much larger, rectangular, simple to handle fast tiles with smooth motion effects, distinguishing chats from standard app alerts. From this panel, you may control the entire OS with a single swipe and tap effectively. You may easily rearrange and change the order of these tiles to your liking. The UX design agency London can make the best use of the new Android 12 feature and deliver quality mobile app development solutions


To reorder the quick-setting tiles here's an easy tip:


  • Just sliding down the panel will serve.
  • In the bottom left corner, tap the pencil icon.
  • Tap and hold any fast-setting tile you want to appear where you want it to appear.


You can read past, rejected, or unread alerts using the Notification History feature, located in the bottom left corner of the panel. You may see all the notifications or alerts that have been cleared in the last 24 hours. This functionality is useful for users who frequently swipe left or right to ignore notifications that they haven't read. This feature provides a summary of all alerts received. 


  1. Custom UI with Google Material You


Over the past seven years, Google has improved its OS with visual effects and developed a new design paradigm that makes dynamic color and adaptive style accessible to all. This is Android 12's most visually appealing feature, providing a wonderful user interface for smartphone consumers. The corners of all menus, widgets, app icons, panels, and most UI elements are rounded. In summary, their design has been modified, and the animation effects have been sped up. In the most recent version, Google reduced the interactions of all Android UI elements and overhauled this extensive theming system to deliver individualized user experiences. The UX UI design agency can provide the most advanced and featured Android mobile app development services


You can design your personalized theme with wallpaper style by choosing wallpaper from a variety of categories. The entire system can be changed based on the wallpaper on your phone. By changing the wallpaper and selecting the appropriate colors from the dynamic color palette, the color extracting tool lets you dramatically customize your Android device. You can also choose the correct color from the base color palette and apply it evenly throughout the system. It can modify everything on your phone, including the lock screen clock, app launcher, volume controls, system widgets, fast setting tiles, app icons, app UI, and more, making Android 12 Google's best-looking operating system. It provides the best chance for business owners to go for the Android 12 mobile app development offering user experience design services


Toggle on themed icons (Beta) to generate custom app icons by scrolling to the bottom of the wallpaper display. Apps that enable this functionality will modify their appearance based on the theme you choose. However, this is a Google-exclusive feature. As a result, all Google apps will change to the same colors as of now. You can also switch the dark theme on and off the same screen to make your background dark or light.


Apps with a theme: 


Material System theming isn't the only option! It also alters the appearance of mobile apps. You'll notice changes in Google apps after you enable auto themes. When you change your wallpaper to match the system theme, for example, Google's keyboard app gets a new theme. Similarly, when you change your background, Gmail, Calendar, Clock, Calculator, Keep, Drive, Chrome, Camera, Docs, and other Google apps alter their colors and appearance. It alters the UI of programs by using the same color scheme to ensure a consistent and pleasant user experience. The system's font is also bolder and larger, which makes reading easier for users. Choose UX design agency London to get the most affordable and result-driven app development services. 


  1. New and Redesigned Widgets


To improve the user experience, Android 12 has designed and overhauled several app widgets that bring the best of material to consumers' handsets. You may apply the device theme to everything. It includes radio buttons to sliders, switches, checkboxes, backgrounds, and other UI elements, resulting in smoother transitions throughout the system. With a dynamic color palette, you may achieve a consistent look across your system UI. You can personalize your home screen by adding simple widgets to it. The UX UI design agency can offer the most creative app development services focused on sales/lead generation. 


The widgets in Android 12 are stylish, responsive to system themes, functional, organized, and have rounded corners for faster transitions. It has four different clock styles: analog, digital, stacked, and a global clock design with two time zones next to one other. A smart stopwatch will also keep you on track. You may also use the newly featured chat widgets to pin your favorite discussions to the home screen.


  1. Novelties Look and Feel with more Animations.


Google has introduced Android 12 with updated UI and UX features throughout the system. These user experience services include dynamic color possibilities, refreshed animations, and entertaining animations. The OS's design features, such as buttons, menus, and widgets, are larger, brighter, and more apparent, making the entire Android system more legible. 


The brightness panel's UI and the volume key's UI have also been modified a little. Both may change color according to the system theme. When you open your phone or charge it, the wave of shadow (motion) and faded light screen, brighter app icons on a single screen, expanded or collapsed views of quick-setting, and notification shade appear. Along with these easy-to-tap-down arrows to enlarge notifications, and other features improve the user experience. In other words, Google has made it simple to include such aspects which are commonplace.




Google has released Android 12 with the most significant design changes improved user experience services. The company is looking forward to changing user needs and cutting-edge technologies. Android 12 is packed with useful features and noticeable UI and UX modifications, and its whole focus is on offering tailored UX UI design services


For the time being, all of the Android 12 features are exclusively available on Pixel devices. Owners of other smartphones will have to wait a little longer. i4 Acmmos Media is a renowned mobile app development company in the UK delivering Android 12 compatible solutions. 


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