6 Easy Tips To Maintain Your Website

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Do you have an outdated website? The first step to growing your business is to maintain your website regularly. Don't worry; we have the perfect guide for you in this article.

Experience the best web development skills first hand:

Did you ever visit the Amazon and Flipkart websites during their Big Billion Day sales? If yes, you might have noticed how well they use fun elements and timers to keep you engaged in their Website. It is all about how much time you spend on their website, looking for different items, maybe some goodies as you are scrolling it down with your index finger but wait, "this laptop is so good at such an awesome rate, OMG!"- you are going to get a mind-blowing offer on the product you always looked for. 

This is a perfect example of how the eCommerce giants maintain their websites. You just cannot skip any part once you enter their website, even if you didn't mean to do that. So, the next time you visit any, take your time to note and experience the incredible craftsmanship of the web development of their engineers. You need to see how the products page and the offers get updated every minute. 


Open your Website!

Now it's time to face reality! You run a business where your customers expect a minimalist but running website from your side. Take a tour around your site. Sit in the customer's seat and try to feel how the customer would rate your website out of five. If you have any complaints regarding your website functionality, your website contents, the user experience, or anything, just note it down in your notebook straightaway. Because the next thing you will be doing is to dive all in to fix those. 

Here are the top six improvements you can just make in no time. The small but powerful activities will surely make your Website more appealing and engaging to your customers. 


  1. How fast are you?

It's all about the speed. Copy your Website URL and paste it on the browser. Hit enter. How fast did it open? Did that take more than 3 seconds? If yes, then you are losing out a big time. Did you know that more than 52% of the users will leave and check the following Website if it takes more than 2 seconds to open? 

This is the most practical way to check your Website opening speed. You are even losing out on your SEO part. Google only recommends the websites on its top search results that open in 2 seconds! So the message is loud and clear. Go to your website developer, and tell them to optimize your website opening speed.


  1. Does Google respect you?

Google actually respects every online content, but the 'respect' your website deserves is getting listed on the top five search results when your customer searches for you on Google.

That is what every business deserves, but, unfortunately, the space is limited, five only! Because after the top five Google search results, your customers will already have what they are looking for. Practically speaking, you need to get yourself at the top three search results in Google. 

To do that, you need to perform regular SEO audits for your Website. You need to update the search keyword or add more long-tail keywords to your content. You need to consider the customer requirements and analyze your competition accordingly. If you feel, you might omit some competitive keywords and replace them with some more relevant, long-tail keywords. You need to look out for:

  • The traffic in your and your competitor's Website,
  • The ranking of your Website in the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) of Google, and similar search engines,
  • Any broken links that might harm your ranking silently,
  • A healthy SEO score.


  1. Don't feed your customers with old content. Keep them fresh!

Remember the last time you landed on Amazon's Website. How is their website getting updated every minute? Well, this approach has made Amazon the market leader. 

If you want to lead your business niche, keep updating your website's contents. It is essential because the customer reading your website content must find it relatable to current market trends. Your blogs must show a sign that it has been updated recently. You should check and update your content for at least a week or three days. Well, you can learn from the leaders who update their websites every minute.


  1. Engage better: Is your Call-to-Action button working correctly?

It's like landing in an online grocery shop and cannot checkout the purchases. This harms your business badly. Because the feeling your customer just had about your Website and branding is just not good. 

If you are a business that has a call-of-action (CTA) button, make sure:

  • It is clearly seen,
  • It works fast and correctly,
  • It is placed right in the middle of your Website.


  1. Take regular feedback!

Ask your customers to rate the service experience your website was able to provide. You can enter some yes or no questions like;


  • Whether they found what they were looking for,
  • If the Website was able to solve their query,
  • Whether they want to revisit your Website, or
  • Do they want to recommend your services to their friends or family?


And finally, after these quick ones, ask them to rate their overall experience on a five-point scale.

This will give them some peace of mind. They will feel that you care for them and respect their choices. A satisfied customer is all that matters in a successful business, as they leave your Website with a smile on their face.

At your end, customer feedback is the most valuable gem for your business. Use them to improve your Website or products. Make sure that when the same customer revisits your Website, they have a better experience.


  1. Did you forget the small screens?

Your Website has an average of 89% of users who open your Website on a mobile or tablet. So, make sure your Website has a friendly UI/UX for small screens, and even it is more functional on a mobile phone. Suppose you have an application for your business. In that case, the best way to engage more customers is to give some app-only offers like special discounts.


After all the above works are done, which is not obviously a one-day work, try opening your Website on your mobile and on your laptop. Check for the improvements, if they worked out, or you need to do more. Look for any new issues. 


In The End

Consistency is the key to success. So, aim for regular improvements. Do not sit with your Website on a fine day, do it all, and just leave the Website in that way for a month. That is not going to work. Try to get hooked up in your Website, maintaining activities every day. Following the steps we outlined, try to reply to the customer feedback on a daily basis. Hire a marketing and branding company in the UK to ensure your customers feel satisfied with your services. 



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