How Should a Leather Bomber Jacket Fit?

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Is your leather bomber jacket too loose or too tight? Do not worry anymore! To find your perfect fit follow this comprehensive guide and get the right bomber!

Leather bomber jackets men’s are an essential part of menswear. You can style these pieces to dress up or down. Whether you are going for a casual look or a formal look these timeless pieces are always a go-to. However, the most important factor is making sure that it fits you right. Now, to answer the most asked question, how should your leather jacket fit you? Let’s dive in and find out!

How Should Your Bomber Fit You?

Fit around the Shoulders

Just like all other outerwear, the shoulder fit of your jacket should be spot on. If your bomber does not fit you right then, your outfit would be useless. As getting it altered would be nearly impossible for you. So the primary thing to look out for when buying one is a proper shoulder fitting. Now, the question is how would you know that your outfit is spot on?

Firstly the shoulder seam of the bomber should end right at the spot where your shoulders meet your arms. If the seam goes past that point then it would be considered too big for you. Outerwear that is too big for you would look sloppy and ruin your outfit.

However, if the seam ends before the joint of your shoulder and arm then the jacket is too small for you. This goes unsaid that a small piece of clothing would make you uncomfortable and restrict your range of motion.


You will find that a lot of guides overlook the importance of a proper armhole fit. After the shoulder size is in place, the second most important part to focus on is to ensure that your jacket is just right! The armholes of your garment should be high and small. The benefit of having such armholes is that they will make your body look slim. It will also give you a wider range of motion.

On the other hand, if your jacket has armholes that are low and large, they would cause you a lot of problems. As soon as you raise your hand your outfit would start to pull away from your body. They will also limit your range and your body would look out of shape and bulky.

While it is good to have the armholes of your jacket to be high and small. If they are too constricting it would become very uncomfortable for you. If you have a feeling that your outerwear is too tight from under your armpit, then it might be too small. In such a case you should go for a size bigger.

Sleeve Length

Just like any other properly fitted clothing, the sleeves of your bomber should end right where your wrist meets the hand. Anything smaller than this would make the sleeves look sloppy. Even when you raise your hand, your sleeve would pull back making your outfit look small. If you go for anything longer, your jacket would run the risk of looking too big.

Since some of these come with a ribbed elastic sleeve end, you would need to get a perfect size. As, if you fail to do so, getting it altered would be very difficult. Similar to the fit of the elastic ribbed waist, these sleeves should also have a snug fit around your waist. Make sure that they are not too tight as that might make them very lose over time.

How Should Your Jacket Fit Around the Torso?

Ensure that you are able to zip up your jacket without pulling in anything, in order to get the perfect fit. If your outerwear is getting caught on your inner shirt, then you should know that the fit is not right. You should make sure to leave enough room between the garment and your body so you can layer up. The bomber leather jacket can then cover you for most of your casual outfits.

Should Your Bomber Jacket be Loose?

Historically, bombers were designed to have a loose and boxy fit. However, with the change in fashion trends modern and contemporary looks entail a more tailored fit. You should go for a trimmer look that adds a slim and sleek elegance to your outfit.  If you opt for something that accentuates your body, dressing up with a leather jacket would become easier.

What is the Appropriate Length of the Jacket?

Your leather outerwear should fall straight down and the hem should end around your waist. Make sure, that your garment covers the belt that you would be wearing with your pants.

If you go for anything longer then you would take away from the classic look of the bomber. Which, unlike other jackets, is worn shorter and cropped. However, if you go really short then your outfit may rise up and expose your lower back, which would not look good. Try and go for just the right length for your bomber to look best on you.

Since they have an elastic ribbed hem, the fitting of your bomber around your waist should be snug. Make sure that the elastic is not already too loose, as it would grow bigger over time. A loose waist would make your outfit look careless and messy.

How to Wear a Bomber Leather Jacket?

These pieces of clothing are classic, versatile, and timeless. Depending on the type of bomber you own, you can wear it with both casual and formal outfits. If you own a statement piece with colorful embroidery then it is a go-to for casual looks. You can also try and pair such pieces with a monochrome outfit for a glam look. However, if you are a black leather bomber jacket owner, then you can pair it with black chinos and suede shoes to go for a classic all-black look.

For a modern and minimalistic dressing, you can pair your brown leather bomber jacket with a white dress shirt and khaki trousers. Wear casual brown suede loafers, and you would be carrying the perfect evening look. You can add sunglasses to your attire if you plan on going out on a sunny morning.