IGVault Ways to Get Coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team

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Most challenges only need to win a few games, which means you can knock out many challenges in a MUT session.

Anyone who's played the Madden Ultimate Team series knows that Madden Coins are an essential part of the process. By earning more MUT points, users can acquire more player cards and props, improving the game’s overall experience. So, with Madden 22finally released, it’s time to take a look at how players can earn MUT coins fast in Madden 22.

How to get MUT Coins in Madden 22

There are a number of different ways to earn MUT Coins in Madden 22. These include completing different types of challenges or using the systems of the game to build your stash of this currency.

Completing Missions

Complete Solo Challenges

Complete Weekly and Daily Challenges

Auction House

Quick Sell Cards You Don’t Want

These are the main ways that you can earn MUT Coins fast in Madden 22. Let’s go over each method and how to complete them.


The rewards here are not repeatable, but a small drop of coins they offer will soon accumulate. Most challenges only need to win a few games, which means you can knock out many challenges in a MUT session.

They also have the added benefit of often trying to get a strong card. The Gauntlet Ultimate Challenges is a good example. Collect 100 of 150 stars, and you will get 89 OVR players, such as Juju Smith Schuster, Leonard Fournette, Ed Oliver, Devin White, or Derwin James. These cards can't be auctioned, either.

When you finish 150 stars, you will get 7 new cards and 50000 coins as rewards, as well as 100-350 coins brought by each star. Grinding is real, but the rewards are real, and you'll soon have a stockpile that will allow them to buy packs or win their favorite players at the auction house.

Auction House + Trades

The Auction House allows you to buy cards that you want to add to your team, but if you’re really saavy you can sell the players you don’t to rake in the MUT Coins. Have a player who is popular that you don’t like? It’s highly likely that someone will overpay for them in the Auction House. Are you more into arbitrage opportunities? Trade a lower value card for a higher value card and then send that higher value card to the Auction House for pure profit.

You can find the Auction House in the “Marketplace” Section of the menu. At the bottom of the page in the middle.

Speedy Sell Your Cards for Coins

You'll get a huge load of various compensations in Madden Ultimate Team and they all have MUT Coin esteem joined to them. At the point when you're in a prizes screen you can generally rapidly sell the thing for an ensured measure of coins.

Then again you can go to the fastener in the My Team area to speedy sell cards too.

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