ECBA Passing Score with them if they can provide

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ECBA Passing Score with them if they can provide

ECBA Passing Score , you should be able to know how to take a decision? Decision Analysis is an important technique. Anyways, to choose the best course, you should consider the following parameters: a) The trainer: At the least, the trainer must be CBAP  (as of now the latest version) certified. This ensures that the trainer is well versed with BABOK . Secondly, ask for actual class videos ( NOT the Demo videos) to check, if you are able to follow the trainer. Not every one can follow every trainer. b) Mock Questions: Does the course provide you with mock questions to prepare? What is the quality of it? Try a few questions before taking a judgement. You can also try other Institute’s questions. Practising with mock questions is key to success. How many questions should the question bank have? Too many questions or too few questions are both useless. I feel the number of questions should be enough, so that you can practice chapter wise as well as take full length tests till you feel confident. 500 chapter wise questions and 2–4 full length tests should be considered. c) Post Training Support: I am sure, some of you may find it difficult to answer the CBAP level questions. You may need help to solve the questions. Check with the Institute, if they provide these additional sessions. d) Reference: If anyone known to you is CBAP certified, check with them if they can provide


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