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“Being a humanity subject, it’s also not as simple as providing mark schemes and checking exam scripts against that,” he said. Wood said the current cohort of GCSE and A-level state school students had been enormously disadvantaged by the pandemic and some had missed a huge amount of

 “The thought of them potentially having somebody marking their paper who’s not well qualified to do that – it feels to me like we’re adding potentially more Guide 2 Passing disadvantage on to more disadvantage. And they deserve better.” An economics A-level teacher who works as a “team lead” examiner for AQA and wished to remain anonymous, said he was worried it might be possible for wrongly marked scripts to slip through AQA’s “strict” quality control system: “There are checks in place and they are good – but you don’t check every single bit of marking.” An AQA spokesperson said this marker did not have knowledge of the pilot’s tests or monitoring processes and was jumping to the wrong conclusions. Joe Kinnaird, a religious studies GCSE teacher and AQA examiner, said even if university students passed all of AQA’s standardisation and quality control tests, he does not think they will be capable of marking exams well. “Ultimately, I think you have to be a classroom teacher. It actually Exam Dumps undermines the teaching profession to assume that people who are not qualified teachers are able to mark exam papers.” Sarah Hannafin, a policy adviser at the National Association of Head Teachers, said when young people took an exam, their expectation was that markers were “experienced, serious teachers”.

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