How To Choose The Right Necklace Length

Ciero Jewels offers a diversified range of necklaces including CZ Necklace Sets Online, Imitation Jewellery, artificial jewellery online, Indian Fashion Jewellery, and Traditional Necklace Online for Women.

You must have come across the thought that real complexity lies in the details. The same principles applied while choosing the right type of jewellery by taking into consideration some key points. People generally get confused among the options of Meenakari Necklace Set OnlineArtificial Jewellery, Customized Jewellery, and 925 Sterling Silver Jewellery.


Ciero Jewels offers a diversified range of necklaces including CZ Necklace Sets Online, Imitation Jewellery, artificial jewellery online, Indian Fashion Jewellery, and Traditional Necklace Online for Women.

To avert the risk of buying an unparalleled necklace, we have provided some guidelines:


Chokers are generally 15 to 16 inches in length and can be stranded in single or multiple lanes. If you want a short necklace for formal dresses, then choker is the perfect choice for you. It especially suits those who have a square or diamond-shaped face.


Opera style necklaces are typically 28 to 34 inches of height. It hangs below the bust area and if you want to have a smaller sized opera you can double fold it to make a choker.

Those having an oval or round shaped face should go with opera necklaces. It’s suitable for formal outfits and a higher neckline. Those wishing to highlight their bust line quite evidently should go with opera.


12 to 14 inches, a collar has multiple strands that lay exactly over the neck area. Collars are suitable for more auspicious occasions and look best with ballet neck and necklines having quite an off shoulder characteristic.

Collar necklaces look pretty on slender necks as well.


Matinee is a 20 to 24 inches long necklace that’s more often worn by professionals and executives while working. It can also be used even for after-work drink occasions.

It matches with simple outfits that are generally void of unnecessary decorative parts. Keeping it simple would provide elegant look. Women who seek a perfect necklace to highlight their cleavage must try it as it fits exactly under the collarbone area and spotlights the eyes right there!

Rope and Lariat

Rope and Lariat necklaces, both at the height of 45 inches, have that ability to draw the eyes down to the torso leading to concentrated heed over your curves.

The rope necklaces generally hang near the navel region. You can double the chain in order to make a two-stranded princess length necklace, or triple the chain for making it a collar or choker.

Lariat necklaces are typically unattached and lay freely at the ends. This means it can be tied in multiple knots thereby giving the appearance of a lasting statement.

Where To Buy A Beautiful Necklace?

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