How Authors Can Do Better on Social Media

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For most people today, social media is present in their lives on some level, and for authors, it's one of the ways to engage fans and followers. When used with other book marketing services, it can provide a lift to a launch or publicity campaign. Some authors who are natural extroverts report much success in social media, but the road to success isn't as straightforward for others. Regardless of your prowess at posting, the tips and suggestions below can help any writer wanting to engage fans online. They cover every angle of what you'll need to increase your following to promote yourself and your book.

The first rule of social media is to find the platform that's right for you. A photo-sharing platform might be best if your work is primarily visual (like coffee table books). If you're more in the current events or self-help sphere, you might select one that emphasizes brief, more frequent posts. Other appealing to an older readership may opt for platforms that combine images and longer-form content in the posts. It depends on who you need to reach and the impression you want to make. No two writers are alike, and what works for you will be unique – and it may include an account on more than one platform.

The timing and frequency of your social media posts are also a factor in your success. Overposting is a drawback, but the more significant mistake is allowing an account to go dormant. It looks terrible to existing followers, and they continue to come up in search results for your name and book. If someone clicks on one and sees only posts from long ago, it makes a poor impression and misses an opportunity to connect with them. It's also why the pros advise that you select one or two platforms and keep your account active rather than trying to be on everyone and allowing them to go dormant for long stretches.

Avoiding the hard sell about your book and posting exciting and helpful content is always to best approach. No one wants to read endless promotional posts, but it's also a missed opportunity to never plug your book on social media. The best way is to strike a balance and make sure there is variety in your posts and comments. Saying too much about one thing repeatedly can turn people off. It's much more engaging when your content is more comprehensive or discusses multiple angles of a topic. Take a look at other authors with large followings and see how their posts work; it can inspire your future posts.