Experience Solana at its best with the Phantom Wallet

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The popular self-custodial wallet Phantom can be used to store cryptocurrencies like USDT, USDC, Serum, Raydium, and Solana. But in case you have lost these password details then you need to find a way to recover your wallet.
Users who are signed up with the Phantom wallet must have th

Just like products and services in the traditional world, the online world has been increasing its products and services too. And since the birth of cryptocurrencies, it has only been increasing in population. Similarly, today, we have multiple blockchain networks, multiple cryptocurrencies, several exchanges and even wallet services.

There is something about the Solana blockchain that caught our attention and we haven’t been able to get it out of our minds. Maybe it is the highest degree of utility that staking SOL provides or simply the wallet service it offers, otherwise known as the Phantom Wallet.

Here, in this read, we’ll tell you about this exclusive Solana-based crypto wallet that lets you do more than just store your crypto funds. You’ll get to know about the features of the new-age service, the steps of downloading the wallet extension and the ways you can fix a commonly occurring issue.

The list of traits that make Phantom the best alternative

Here, in this section of the read, we’ll be taking you on a stroll through the list of characteristic features that have been engineered into the Phantom wallet browser extension to provide the maximum utility you can think of:

  • It is feasible and facile to access via web browsers with no aspects of custody
  • You will get exposure to all of the Solana NFTs, SOL (the in-house token), crypto tokens and more
  • Hardware wallet devices like Ledger can be incorporated to put up a better line of defence
  • Users are authorized of making stake transactions for SOL and earn incomes that are passive

Getting the exclusive Phantom browser extension for use

The major browsers that are announced to be highly compatible with the Phantom Wallet extension are named, Firefox, Edge, Chrome, and Brave. Now, the major share of the world’s population has Chrome set up as their default web browser. And we thought, the steps in this part must be for Chrome:

  1. Launch the installed Chrome and get on the Phantom website.
  2. Go forth with, first “Download” and then, the “Add to Browser” link.
  3. Keep up with the instructed prompts and wait for the installation.

Overcoming the “Phantom Wallet not working” problem

The wallet is a technical product and is prone to come across some issues throughout its journey. However, the one issue that caught our eyes was the functional error of the wallet service. Read on to know how you can get rid of the issue:

  • Shut down the wallet service and reboot the device you were using the wallet on.
  • Make sure you got rid of any compatible hardware wallet and then re-install the extension.


This exclusively detailed read has been carefully crafted to help you with knowing what a Phantom Wallet is and why is it known by the name of Solana Wallet. And we thought, you had a great time learning the features of this service, followed by the steps of registering on the wallet platform, and the measures you can opt for to overcome the functional error of the wallet.