How to Study For Your Exam in 2 Days

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This week I study for my exam in 2 days....I would *relatable-y* blame this on my ability to procrastinate but instead I will blame my exam timetable which left me a week between finishing the syllabus and starting exams.

Today so the first thing you need to do is to wake up early if the fact that your exam is in two days is not enough to get you out of bed to study and we are in more trouble than i initially anticipated however for the majority of you i assume the panic monster has popped out and we can get to work obviously i know it's really easy for me to say wake up early so here is a quick online illustration essay writing help experts speed round on how to wake up early set an alarm leave the alarm far away from your bed so you're forced to get up to turn it off drink a glass of water as soon as your alarm goes off try and sit up and do some stretches like a nice forward fold and that is it for the speed round back to me.

So since your exam is really soon and you literally don't know anything i think the first step is to skim through all the notes so you get an idea you kind of remember all the topics like you skim through them and maybe a few of the topics will like come back to you and you'll refresh your memory a bit on what you were taught over the term so i know that lecture notes are a lot it can be like up to a thousand slides sometimes just for one module so when you do this it should really be a skim like you're just looking at the slides maybe you'll pause to look at one or two slides per cheap experts admission essay writing help  lecture but you're just skimming through to refresh your memory this shouldn't take longer than an hour even if you have a thousand slides like shouldn't take longer than an hour so this is my intro lecture as you can see like it's quite long um essentially so what i'll do is like i'll skim through like really quickly obviously making it bigger but yeah like it will definitely be like this sort of pace.

Like i'm just absorbing i'm not like giving myself too long to like overthink things because i think if you pause too much you'll get distracted and tied out really quickly especially like this is so much information that you're learning like all at once so definitely like this sort of thing like read a bit like have a look just like see these key terms and then just like you've refreshed your memory on these key terms and just from these pictures obviously it's really quick for me to like refresh my memory and understand what the like basics are so after you've finished maybe take a little 15 minute break and then you're ready to start the problem sheets obviously you don't know how to answer the problem sheets because you have only skimmed through the lectures so what you do is you open up the problem sheets and you open up the answers and you know you get a little split screen mode.

Thing going you read the question you look at the answer and then you write the answer down i know this sounds like terrible advice but this is like last minute like code red we need to get ready for this exam and we haven't done any work until two days before whilst you're writing it constantly check in on yourself like do i understand this does this make sense because the writing it out part is the learning part so like as you're answering the questions ask yourself constantly like do i understand this does this make sense because if you're just mindlessly copying you're not working and you're not learning if i come across something i don't know how to do in the problem sheet i'll still write it out but i'll highlight it so i know what to come back to norway these terms that i highlight i'll search up on youtube later and watch a quick tutorial on it and that'll be enough set a time to do some work with one of your friends that way you have to keep moving and doing all the things that you have set out to do otherwise you won't be ready in time to do like say a past paper that's what i normally do with my friend so since i did the past paper with Matthew i have taken a little bit of a extended break but it's okay i'm now gonna start another past paper it's still only eight o'clock lots of time left in the in the working day.