Thor's Mighty Dummy Confirms Jane Foster Fights Cancer in Film

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Whilst Foster has only played the role of Thor’s love interest

Thor: Love and Thunder merch confirms Jane Foster has cancer


Although Foster played Thor's love interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, But Foster had a rather colorful life in the comics. She ran as Mighty Thor, and when she died She was resurrected and became a Valkyrie.

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In the comics, Foster is diagnosed with metastatic cancer and is worthy of using myolnier. She later took the nickname Mighty Thor and began protecting people after Thor was gone. But the price she pays for her transformation is quite dangerous as her cancer

escalates so quickly she's a perfect fit for a film starring Chris Hemsworth that makes her the Mighty Thor One. Can't help but wonder if her backstory will mimic. cartoon style or not Looks like it might be!