Keanu Reeves Won’t Press Charges

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Keanu Reeves Won’t Press Charges

Keanu Reeves Won’t Press Charges


When Keanu Reeves jumped on his motorcycle and headed out to run some personal errands (no personal assistants for him), he parked his motorcycle perpendicular to the curb behind an SUV and headed off. Meanwhile, the owner of the SUV returned to her vehicle, started the engine, and promptly backed into Reeves’s motorcycle, which she never saw.

The police were called and asked the woman to hand over her license and registration. Yikes.

Soon, Keanu Reeves appeared. But when the police informed him of what happened, he remained low-key the entire time. He walked over to examine his custom motorcycle and said that there was no damage as far as he was concerned.

The policeman assured him they had the woman’s information should Reeves want to file for compensation with her insurance company. But Reeves wasn’t interested.

Instead, he walked around the SUV to check if the driver was alright before hopping back on his motorcycle.

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