Does University Make You Sick? | Avoid These Things

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Sometime universities are hectic in some condition. Therefore students need to learn the tips about how university might not be stress for a student.

Clean the house like do all these adulting activities and when you're not used to it it's just a shock and then you've also got to keep up with academics you know explore a new area you don't know where things are there might be cultural differences if you're studying abroad maybe you've never even taken a train alone in your life maybe you're from somewhere super rural and now you're in a city and everything that you do is just off your own back there's also so much Leicester city essay writing online in UK homesickness like one of the memories which can make me cry the easiest is the memory of waving goodbye to my dad in first year when i first went to uni because he started crying as he waved me off and i could just see him in the distance slowly breaking down and I was just like oh my god i don't see my dad cry like it just hit me that i wasn't going to see him for a long time and i think especially if you're close to your family and you're so embedded in your family dynamic.

Leaving that is just hard like wondering how your family are day-to-day like cools can only do so much and homesickness is often like a suck it up kind of thing people are like i don't know people just don't think about homesickness but it can really affect you especially at the start another hard part of uni is finding your people this is the hard part anywhere moving to a new engineering essay writing help expert online school moving to a job just finding people you resonate with so much of university is luck like the people you get put in a flat with the people you sit next to the people who are in your class and if you don't find your people university is incredibly lonely it's the kind of experience you need to lean on people to enjoy like you need to be able to go through the hard final season or final exams with friends you want to share memories with people who you like you don't want to fall prey to peer pressure you want people who understand who you are and respect who you are.

It took me a long time to feel truly comfortable with people like i reflect on first year and i i had a lot of friends i spoke to so many people and i could tell you a lot about different people and i was like oh wow this is so great i have loads of friends and then i went home in summer and i was like um but who do i face time like who do i actually check in with who would i have a day-to-day conversation with i didn't really have anyone and it made me really scared to go back in second year because i was like i don't know who my people are and so i learned a lot in this experience that it's cool to have a lot of touch point relationships.