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Zeen enterprises started its successful journey in 2002, with its printing inks manufacturing plant located in Vasai, Mumbai India. After having gained expertise in the field of solvent base inks and water base inks we are also into flexographic ink manufacturers and gravure ink manufactur

Know about what affects ink adhesion to plastic

This 10-minute informative post is curated to deal with two topics that can interest customers who require printing inks for plastic and paper. It also sheds some light on how plastics printing inks manufacturers, India deal with requirements with sustainable solutions.

Even though the pandemic has derailed several industries, the interest in inkjet technology continues to rise. According to a research done by Precedence in 2020 it is expected to rise by 62.5 billion by 2030. This is of course good news for several people associated with the paper and plastics printing business. Both paper and plastic continue to be used and are ideal printing materials for B2B sectors.

Z-inks, a Mumbai based company, is helping customers to check the key trends that are likely to emerge. Plastic Printing Inks Manufacturers, India region we have the pulse of the market to provide orders and help you to understand the market better in 2022.

Overview of the key trends

  • Demand for compatible products will grow
  • Non-impact printing on irregular surfaces
  • Due importance to sustainability
  • Thermal inkjet printing
  • Inkjet inks for paper and plastics
Plastic Printing Inks

Printing on plastics and ink adhesion

Within the industry we all know that plastic is a very regular substrate on which ink is applied. It also includes a wide range of other materials depending on the density polyethylene, BOPP and PET. For how long can the ink remain attached to the surface when different forces are applied? The forces could be mechanical or via rubbing or abrading. It involves physical and chemical processes between the ink and the substrate. When there is a higher contact the ink will be able to stay for a longer time. The smoothness and the cleanliness by which the process is run is equally significant.

Plastic Printing Inks

A trusted plastic printing inks manufacturer will supervise and take of the following factors:

  • High surface energies will ensure that the ink drops at a better pace, spread faster and evenly.
  • A solvent-based ink comes with a surface tension of 22-25 dynes/cm2. The surface with energy of more than 10 units offers the ideal spread.
  • If the surface texture is rough the ink will adhere and it will stick amicably.
  • Incase there is contamination (dust, water, oil or any other liquid stain) it will affect the ink adhesion. 
Plastic Printing Inks

Ink formulations

Due to chemical interactions there is a huge influence on the substrate and the compositions of the ink. Many resins are utilized to make the ink. Each differs and behaves in a distinct manner when it comes in contact with the plastic or paper. The solvent base also makes a dramatic changeby determining the time for it to dry. But the solvent does not matter in the ability to attach to the surface.

It is critical to choose the correct ink for the best interaction. We use resin chemistry, check the plastic type and the tests required for confirmation. When you actually know what is being printed it is easy to select the plastic and the paper. Our business also guides our customers to get the best value for money from our expertise and solutions. 

Z-inks, India uses various technologies to ensure that the best inks can be applied on paper too. Whether it is plastic or paper we have the required experience to handle the process. Our advanced equipment and machinery adds value to sustainability and multi-purpose applications.

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