Writing with fire caught the attention of the underprivileged of India.

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Bitcoin (BTC) reached a session high of $43,300, its highest level in almost three weeks,

Oscars 2022: Writing with Fire puts spotlight on India's underdogs


Bitcoin (BTC) hit a high of $43,300, its highest level in nearly three weeks. Due to the improved sentiment among crypto traders

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cryptocurrencies Some alternatives (altcoins) moved higher on Tuesday. For example, ether (ETH), the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap after bitcoin,

surged above $3,000 for the first time in two weeks and continued to rise. 3% in the last 24 hours This compares to a huge 4% increase in BTC over the same period. Meanwhile,

Terra's LUNA token has dropped 3% over the past 24 hours.But some analysts remain cautious despite recent price increases. “This is not the first BTC jump since the beginning of March.