You'll earn the penthouse apartment at Parkside Lofts

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To gain access to the penthouse and zipline to MT 2K22 unlock the penthouse and zipline in NBA 2K22, you have to accumulate a nice, around one million MVP points. It is possible to use any strategy that we've described above for this: you must complete City quests and MVP quests. Also, you can play in playoffs, get an MVP award for the year and the rookie of the year, etc. If you can reach one millionpoints, you'll earn the penthouse apartment at Parkside Lofts.

When you arrive at the door of the building There are five choices to choose from. The first option lets you go inside your penthouse. The other four, aka the names of the various city affiliations, will automatically take passengers to the zipline, that you take to the area of the city which is affiliated with the affiliation you chose. It's basically a form of quick travel, sort of.

In NBA 2K22, players can choose to play using an a shot meter or not have a shot meter. That doesn't mean the timing of your shot doesn't matter to you, as you'll need to make sure that you time your release of the stick to coincide with in the time your player will be able shooting the ball.

However, if you set this meter to off it won't be possible to see the shot meter at the same time in 2K22. There are many advantages that this has, and we'll come to them in a second. First, though, let's discuss what you'll need to do in order to eliminate the shot gauge of NBA 2K22.

To shut off the shot meter, enter the Settings in buy myteam coins the game via either the Pause Menu or from the Main Menu. Once in the Settings, select Controller Settings. You will then see an option called the Shot Meter option. To ensure it stays on make sure it is set to On. As you can probably tell Set this to Off to switch off the shot meter.