Doctor Bart Ehrman endorses the notion about the bible not being the word of God?

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Majority of the Christians have a huge grudge on a linguistic expert and historian known as Dr. Bart Ehrman. Why is that? Maybe it has something to do with the mockery and all, doesn't it? But, I am afraid that’s not the case at all. You see, most of the people that are Christians are asserting that the bible is the true word from God, but Doctor Bart Ehrman says otherwise. The question that most of the rational minds would ask about why is he endorsing the notion about not being the word of God, here is why.

Concerning the old testament, we know that after the demolition of the first temple of Solomon, the whole old testament was lost in time, as there was no one that can put their word exactly and the literacy rate was also low then. 

Usually, prophets, priests, scholars, and scribes know how to actually read and write and that being said, it’s only 5% of the entire population of Judea then before it was plundered and sacked by the Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar. By the time of the second temple, high priest Ezra compiled the whole old testament by the help of numerous prophets at that time.

Now, let’s come to the new testament. The last remaining chapters of the Christian bible. Most of the regular Christians not even know that the original language of the New testament is not Hebrew, neither is it Latin or Greek. It’s actually a dead language called Aramaic. The language that Jesus Christ actually used to speak with and do discourses to his disciples. 

These discourses are later moved on through words by his disciples and make their way to finally made on paper first in Greek and Latin after five decades and then translations continue to this day as well. The main problem is that we actually don’t know who are the actual authors of these books called Mark, Luke, Matthew, and John that have done these services that most of the people are cherishing for more than two thousand years.

Now, you must have a slight idea about this enigma of history that is spreading fire in most of the Christian populations. People can actually tolerate some mockery but when you prove something with a rational mind, that will ignite fire. So, Doctor Bart D Ehrman basically says that it is not wise to conclude that the bible is actually the word of God, rather it’s a process of language translation services that has been done for more than two thousand years ago. The traces of the early New Testament are also found within the borders of KSA as well.

We don’t really know who the actual author is, because there were like hundreds of books for the old testament, among which, these four above were picked out by the Emperor Constantine as the Christian standard.

You see, when they are translating, they are making a copy of a copy from a copy to a copy, it’s highly likely that they make a slight mistake in it that will turn out as the measure one when the chain goes on and on. These things were like that in language translation services until the introduction of the printing press five hundred years ago. Now, you can imagine how many words and meanings must have changed with the span of over 1.5 thousand years.


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