George's painting A stolen smart is revived seven years after the theft.

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Two paintings are set to go on show again seven years

Stolen George Smart paintings recovered seven years after theft - BBC News


George Smart's three works are one of four artworks taken from Frant Memorial Hall near Tunbridge Wells from a burglary in 2015.Both have been cured of the disease. After this artist's expert spotted them, they were put up for sale at the auction house.

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Damaged work worth around £5000 when recovered. More likely to come back to the show with better security.George Smart was a tailor who lived in a village on the Kent-Sussex border until his death in 1846 without relatives.

Although he gained fame in local guide books during his lifetime. But after some of his paintings were presented at the British Folk Art Exhibition at Tate Britain in London in 2014, his work has gained wider acclaim.

In May 2015, three of his paintings were accompanied by lesser-known artists. It was torn from a frame in Frant's village hall and stolen in what police believed was a planned burglary.