2020 lockdown and food delivery

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If you have experienced your life while living in the 2020 lockdown that was held almost across the world, then let’s bring back some memories. Of course, those are the hardest times in the history of mankind where the entire planet had ceased its manual operations only to give safety to the masses itself.  For me, that moment was hard and what matters is that it has already passed ages ago. Here, I am going to talk about the change of lifestyle worldwide with the increase of pizza delivery and other food stuff near me online in Karachi and the rest of the world.

When the lockdown was newly announced by the government, at that moment, I didn’t have anything on my wallet as I was a bump leeching off my life. Though, it did not affect me that much as the others but still made my habit worse. Yes, I had nothing to do at home, neither the ones around me, so we often order online pizza delivery near me… or look for fast food deals and similar stuff to feel the taste.

It went on like that until the pay cut off half of those who were earning in our homes. But, we still managed to do that, not that often of course. Time passed by and there came a moment when we got rid of this lockdown. It was like a blessing and people were cherishing it as the hard days of their lives have passed now. But, the habit of ordering online food items seems to be intact for most of us. Yes, you heard it right.

It is not something that people should consider themselves proud of, but rather it’s a mess if we look at it as a community. It's an utterly different story if you don’t have someone by your house to cook for you three times a day or make you feel at ease with home cooked items, then it is understandable. However, families, offices, and even senior citizens were seen doing that and even after years of lockdown lift, they are still doing the same.

It is your own personal life; you have every right to live the way you want unless it involves any harm to others. But, if you are concerned about your physical and social health, for a least bit, then you should avoid doing such things with immense frequency. You know, there are people still living in your neighborhood that do not even have two meals a day and when they watch you getting something from the delivery, they would feel bad.

And not to mention, the considerable consumption of fast food deals with your health drastically and even causes you chronic illnesses. So, I guess… Now you know that this habit of yours that you had in the days of lockdown should be a little bit depleting to match once in a week to the maximum. I am sure you have taken your head on this and will continue to live while being considerate to both yourself and the others.


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